Finer Choices for the Best Poker Solutions

Simple statistics will help you make your decision and save valuable chips in your next poker game. For the king poker, this is important.

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You have just received your hand. What are you going to do with it? Playing agen idn poker is obvious. Throwing is very often. The choice will be difficult for just about any other hand: it will all depend on their potential and the possibilities of improving them.

Choose your starting hand

Before you even receive your hand, know that in 80% of cases, it will not have sufficient potential for improvement to be played: Pareto’s law also applies to poker, and this table is the one.

Poker Statistics

In green, premium hands, in orange, hands with potential, in red, second-zone hands and white, to be avoided.

Hands to avoid mismatched cards which do not follow each other like the famous some hands with an Ace if they also have a weak card, you will not hold up against several opponents who had spoken before you and called preflop, or even against a tight player who will have a pair of kings or a better kicker with his Ace.

Opportunity combinations

For example:

  • Aces with another suited card, for example, a hand composed of two heads like ahead with a lower card which leaves a possibility of continuing the style also fits into this panel.
  • The other combinations must be considered on a case-by-case basis. For example, small pairs are to be played sparingly depending on your position and if it doesn’t cost you a lot.
  • Finally, be aware that the percentage of being dealt a pair preflop is 5.9% (for Aces, this percentage drops to 0.45%), and that of receiving two cards of the same suit is 23.5%.

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Once your hands have been sorted preflop, we will see their chances of winning against hands appreciated by the majority of players. We will then show you what their chances of improving after the flop are thanks to the most commonly encountered statistics and those that are sure to be favorable to you.

Pre-flop confrontations

The preflop duel is each time a meeting which pushes at least two players to engage their respective stack and therefore plays their survival in the game. Sometimes going all-in is imperative with almost any hand: the stack is not big, and with the blinds, you won’t hold out much longer. Other times you will have to make a decision because you are in for a move.

Is your hand strong enough to call all-in, or is it ahead of your opponent’s hand enough to be able to call if they call all-in first?

After an analysis (profiling) of your rival according to his way of playing and the type of hands with which he is used to entering a move, losing it and winning it, you will be able to define a range of hands and that he may have in his possession. Then you’re going to compare it to yours and see if it’s good or not to engage fully.