Can lottery winning numbers be predicted using algorithms?

Getting a lot of money from lottery tickets is something a lot dream about. 

For lottery addicted players, it matters less if the prize is small but if it exists at all. 

People are now attempting to predict the winning numbers with various methods mostly statistical but no only. 

The question is if it really works? Is there any usable algorithm that can predict Lottery winning numbers? 

The answer according to a specialist from a research institute is that theoretically it is not possible because these numbers are random generated. 

So, in this case the variables are deterministic, and the values can only be found from the meta-heuristics, including those based on stochastic procedures. But since we cannot travel to the future and then return to the past predicting the generated lottery numbers in the future is not possible.

Still, if the numbers are not totally random, and if maybe the lottery agencies are fixing the winning numbers, then there is a chance to predict the lottery results to a certain extent.

There are websites that offer raw data of the winning numbers for each state of the country like the FL lottery results.