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Every bet in roulette is more or less equally successful; the roulette odds are always similar. To check the effectiveness of a bet, the player should look at its probability. Unfortunately, the problem with roulette is that the probability of winning depends heavily on whether the player is playing the European or American variant. Below we present a detailed, statistical report on these two roulette variants. Note that frauds like the Martingale systems never worked, and mathematically, they cannot work either. If you are at the table and you believe in miracles, then we do not want to dissuade you from this strategy.

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Probabilities: American Roulette

American idn play roulette is most commonly played on the internet. It consists of 36 numbered fields and also contains a zero field and, as a special feature, a double zero. So the player has a 1:38 chance of winning. The table below shows the statistics for American roulette.

The bet on a certain number is the most profitable. But the chances of winning on such a bet are very slim. According to statistics, the casino makes a margin of approx. 5% on all bets, which is easy to see because, for example, a bet with a 1: 1 win ratio has a probability of less than 50%!

Probabilities: European Roulette

European roulette, also known as French roulette, consists of 36 number fields and one zero fields. So that makes a total of 37 fields. In this case the player has a 1:37 chance of winning. The table below shows the statistics for European roulette.

That seems logical: the double zero field of American roulette offers a major disadvantage for the player who should rather turn to a variant in which the house advantage is less important, namely European roulette. We said yes, paying attention to the house edge is the most important of roulette tips.

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Internalize the Tips and Strategies

It is true that roulette is one of the most lucrative games in online casinos if you use the right system. Sometimes there is even a no deposit bonus that makes the whole thing even more rewarding. In this case, the roulette game is sometimes even free of charge and being able to play roulette for free is really a very good opportunity to apply and put some learned tricks and tips to the test. It is high time to try a roulette system, if you haven’t already, to top up your account balance and most importantly, have more fun.


In the end, the greatest advantage is to play situs slot idn, as there you have better chances. That is why roulette should be all about fun. It is also suitable to test the top live versions of the online casinos, where you play live with a real dealer and croupier. Most of the time there are several casino games in a live casino and you can give them a try, if not for free. Take a closer look at the roulette rules beforehand, develop a strategy and place your red black bet. Many casinos will pay you tokens or chips for winnings, which you can use to continue playing in the casino club.